Company Lists

3 Great products to improve your Business Development


- Now Available on CD-ROM -


The Chamber currently offers 3 comprehensive company lists for purchase. Such lists can, among other things, prove to be a vital tool to obtaining new business contacts. The lists detail British interests in France as well as French Interests in Great Britain, such as international subsidiaries.
If you are interested in purchasing a list then please contact us to request an order form.

The main benefits:

§ You can target both the UK and French markets.

§ You can use the list to formulate marketing campaigns.

§ You can target top decision makers at successful multinational firms.


The Lists:





British Companies based in France

€760 exc VAT

€410 exc VAT

British Companies based in Paris

€300 exc VAT

€240 exc VAT

French Companies based in the UK

€760 exc VAT

€410 exc VAT


Personalised Lists:
In addition the Chamber can compile a personalised list of businesses who operate in a particular sector. 
The size of the list can be tailored to suit your needs. Individual quotations for this service will be produced on request.
Contact: [email protected]

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