Founded in 1873 and with a membership network of over 700 companies and organisations,
the chamber is the principal voice of Franco-British business community in France.

The Chamber's objectives are:

  • To promote business trade between the UK and France
  • To drive and promote the Franco-British business community.
  • To help its members to promote and develop their activity in France and in the UK.
  • To provide members with information and expertise via its network of specialists.



With the Franco-British Chamber, a non-profit organisation, you have access to:


  • An interactive business network

The Franco-British Chamber creates opportunities and connects people to assist members to promote and to develop their activity within the Franco British business community. The Chamber has developed a strong network of public and private partners both in France and in Britain.


  • Over 100 events a year….

The Franco-British Chamber develops bespoke events (and sponsorship) to help Members to increase their visibility and reputation within the Franco-British business community


  • A platform to promote your services and product

 The Franco-British Chamber offers Members the opportunity to benefit from multiple communication channels, including events, publications, website, E-newsletter… enabling you to convey your message to the Franco-British business community, and beyond


  • A business information service

The Franco-British Chamber of Commerce has a network of experts who can provide assistance in setting-up your office and operational base in both countries, recruiting staff, in facilitating legal, accountancy and financial services, in negotiating contracts, in organising your events…



  • Training services

The Franco-British Chamber of Commerce can help you and your team with your training needs :

Diplomas in Business English and the Business English Skill Test

Training offers: coaching, intercultural management…


  • Advantages for Members

Dedicated events to enable Members to network

Executive boardroom facilities in central Paris

Organisation of bespoke events

Dedicated training programmes for companies and students






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